The Group Format

This format is an eight-week format, I try to keep my groups fairly small so we can all feel comfortable with each other.


The One-on-One Format

This format is a seven-week format that is for those who might work better on a one on one connection.


Pet Loss Group

This group is a six-week format that deals with pet loss because pets are our family too.

Helping Children Deal with Loss

This format is a four-week format that helps parents to look for signs of grief and how to deal talk about grief with their children.  I do not work directly with children.


One Important Note:

 Each session you and I will be making three commitments, no matter which session in which you are participating.  They are:

  •  Total Honesty - You can only achieve emotional completion by telling the truth.  For the first few sessions, we'll tell you that there may be details of your life that you're unwilling to say to others.  That's okay. Just tell the emotional truth about the event or experience. If you have difficulty with a safe way to say something, please ask me.

  • Absolute Confidentiality - Anything of a personal nature that is said in the program will be kept confidential.  The safety of this program and the safety of your recovery, depend upon adherence to the principle of confidentiality.

  • Uniqueness and Individuality - Every relationship is unique. No one else's opinion about our relationships with the people who have affected our lives is solicited or helpful.  Again, the safety of your individual recovery hinges on you being able to share your own thoughts and feelings with respect and dignity, without interruption, analysis, criticism, or judgment.  Moreover, no saying sorry for our feelings!